We power the insurance experiences in your daily life

Axle allows you to securely share your insurance information in seconds to help companies provide better products and services to you.


There are nearly 6,000 insurance companies in the US, and they structure their data and systems in many different ways.

For a company that needs users to share their insurance information, building a digital connection to a single insurance carrier can take significant engineering time and expertise. Now imagine doing that thousands of times... For most companies, it’s not feasible.


At Axle, we work continuously to build and maintain connections with the largest insurance carriers.

Axle allows you to share your insurance information with companies in your day-to-day life - like rental car companies, dealerships, or lenders. This helps them provide better products or services to you, like providing discounts, serving you faster, or helping handle your claim.

How we handle your data

Your security and privacy are central to everything we do at Axle. For that reason, our privacy and security practices are designed to meet and exceed industry standards.

You're in control

Once you give us permission, we securely share your insurance information from your insurance carrier to your service provider through our application programming interface (API).
We never share login information with companies you authorize.

Encrypted and secure

We use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and secure cloud infrastructure technologies to keep your data safe.
We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and are regularly audited by security experts and customers.

Transparent by design

We limit what information we share with each of the companies you authorize. During the authorization process, you’ll see what information you’re sharing.
We aim to be as clear as possible with how your insurance information is being used.

Why connections sometimes fail

Sometimes you may not be able to connect your insurance account. The problem could be taking place anywhere between Axle and your insurance carrier, though our goal is to restore the connection as soon as possible.

We haven’t integrated with your insurance carrier yet

We haven’t integrated with every insurance carrier yet, but our network of integrations is constantly growing.
Please reach out to your service for other options to share your information.

We can’t reliably connect to your insurance carrier right now

Your insurance carrier’s systems may be down or we’re having a temporary issue communicating with them.
Most of the time you’ll be able to successfully connect your account by trying again later.

The username and password for your insurance account has changed and needs to be reset

You can reset your password by clicking “Forgot password” when logging in with Axle.
It typically takes less than 5 minutes and requires your email, phone, and date of birth.

You need to set up an insurance account or take action on your insurance carrier’s website (e.g., accept new privacy policy)

You can create an account with your insurance carrier by clicking “Don’t have an account” when logging in with Axle.
It typically takes less than 5 minutes and requires your policy number, email, phone, and date of birth.